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"Flamenco and Sevillanas"


Hi, welcome to "Dance Sevillanas". My name is Beatriz Barceló and I'm a teacher of the Dance degree at the European University of Madrid. Another teacher, Mamen Tejedor, will also assist me.

This course is designed to learn step by step how to dance Sevillanas using our app for iPad and iPhone.

Sevillanas are a typical spanish dance, found in Seville, in the south of Spain with a look and feel very much like flamenco, that thanks to its happy and colorful aesthetic has become a favorite all around the world.

“Dance sevillanas” is an easy to use app which will help you learn all the details and rythms in a simple a quick way. Thannks to our "Practise" button you will be able to repeat every movement until you master it. You will also find some guitar music, faster and slower so you can practise different dance speeds.

We are sure you will enjoy it. We hope to meet you in our app.

App para bailar sevillanas



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