flamenco and sevillanas

App to learn to dance sevillanas and flamenco


Andalucía (south of Spain) is where flamenco is born, and is a dance that has overtaken the world and can be found and danced almost everywhere.

Flamenco is the dance that can show happiness, sadness, sweetness, passion,... all depending on the mood of the dancer. No other dance in the world is so versatile and always so fun to do it, …

No wonder that Flamenco, with its magic movements and expression, transmits the best face of the spanish way of living: sensual, passionate, creative, optimistic, brave, warm, strong, elegant, noble,...



Sevillanas is an spanish dance very similar to Flamenco, that thanks to its happy, easy to learn movements, has also grown into a favorite all around the world.

If you would like to learn Flamenco, you should start by learning Sevillanas as they look very much alike, as both share steps and movements, but the latter is much easier to learn than the former.

Is the most popular dance in Spain. Is danced in parties, weddings, street fairs, family events,... Sevillanas are usually danced in couples or bigger group. It can be dance at the sound of a guitar or with guitar and voice.

On fairs, women wear beautiful dresses with frills, moles, and vivid colors, with help make the Sevillanas a joy to watch.

Aprender a bailar sevillanasIt can be danced by two women or in mixed couples, which brings the sensual side of this dance, as when it was born as a courship dance, that today conveys the seduction between men and women.

Aesthetically it is a rythm dance in which feet and arms and hands move harmonically.

The dance is formed by four different stages (known as 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th sevillana) and each of them is subdivided in three shorter parts, which are shown in the app step by step in an easy and simple way, so can learn to dance and enjoy them in very little time.

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App to learn to dance sevillanas and flamenco