Flamenco and Sevillanas"Dance Sevillanas"

If you like Flamenco, learn to dance Sevillanas is the best way to start, they like the same but very much easier to learn. "

Sevillanas, along with Flamenco, is the most famous spanish dance, and is danced all around the world. Dowload the app to learn to dance Sevillanas in your iPhone® or iPad®.

App to learn to dance sevillanas and flamenco

Flamenco and Sevillanas"Dance Sevillanas"

Learn quick and easily to dance Sevillanas, step by step, with our course for iPhone® or iPad®. "

"Dance Sevillanas" is an app with videos showing each step in the most easy way.

App to learn to dance sevillanas and flamenco

Flamenco and Sevillanas"Dance Sevillanas"

The course is hosted by Beatriz Barceló, professional spanish dancer. She is teacher of the Dance Science Degree at the European University of Madrid.

App to learn to dance sevillanas and flamenco

Curso de sevillanas para ipad e iphoneiOS AppiPhone®, iPad®

If you have an iPhone® or iPad® you will be able to enjoy your Sevillanas course, as it is available at the App Store.

Curso de sevillanas tv para televisionOn your TV with AppleTV

If you have an Apple TV you will be able to watch the app in your big screen TV directly from your iPhone or iPad, as the App is AirPlay ready.

Curso de sevillanas por internetOfflineDownloaded when you buy

You will be able to enjoy and practise anywhere, whithout internet connection. All videos will be downloaded when you buy the app, so will be able to watch them whenever you wish.

Clases de sevillanas en varios idiomasLanguagesAvailable in many languages.

The course is available in spanish, english, french, japanese and italian. All videos are dubbed in each language while keeping the original sounds...

Curso de sevillanas en videopaso a pasoVideos Step by step

You will have videos explaining each step. Each one of the Sevillanas are explained step by step and part by part: feet, feet and arms, whole sevillanas and dancing in couples. Rythm, hand movements, etc.

App de flamenco y sevillanasPracticePractice button

Thanks to the "Practice" button you will be able to repeat as many times as you wish the different parts of the Sevillanas dance.


"A visual app, with an easy approach to leatn how to dance Sevillanas anywhere at any moment."

Mar García

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